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Mida on tarvis teadvuse mõistmiseks?

esimese postituse kommentaaride all küsis Kristjan, kas teadvuse mõistmine vajab midagi täiesti uut või saame hakkama “vana manna” pealt. siit juhtiva teadvuseteadlase (ja maailmatuntud biofüüsiku) Christof Kochi vastus (mis pole küll talt mitte küsitud, vaid ta heast ja ülimenukast 2004 aasta raamatust Quest for Consciousness tsiteeritud):

Understanding the material basis of consciousness is unlikely to require any exotic new physics, but rather a much deeper appreciation of how highly interconnected networks of a large number of heterogenous neurons work. The abilities of coalitions of neurons to learn from interactions with the environment and from their own internal activities are routinely underestimated. /…/even biologists struggle to appreciate the properties and power of the nervous system. /…/It is possible that the NCC [neural correlates of consciousness] are not expressed in the spiking activity of some neurons but, perhaps, in the concentration of free, intracellular calcium ions in the postsynaptic dendrites of their target cells. Or the invisible partners of neurons, glia cells that support, nurture and maintain nerve cells and their environment in the brain, might be directly involved (although this is unlikely).

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