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Lord Adrian teadvuseteadusest

Lord Adrian, 1932. aasta Nobeli auhinna saaja meditsiinis ja füsioloogias, Cambridge’i Trinity College’i master 1951-1955, kirjutab 1946. aasta raamatus teadvusest paljut, kuid tsiteerin vaid järgmiseid lõike:

“It is natural to be curious about the processes which take place in our bodies when we feel and think, for all of us must have puzzled from time to time about these material events which are bound up with our conscious activity”

“When the brain is under the influence of an anesthetic the messages have no effect on the mental processes or behaviour of the subject: when the brain is awake they have. What difference can we find in the physical changes which are produced in the cerebral cortex in these two conditions” – kontrastiivanalüüsi eelkäija? aastal 1946!!!

samuti arutleb Adrian üsna pikalt erinevate ajurütmide rollist ja osalusest teadvuslikes ja tähelepanuga seotud protsessides. “We may say, therefore, that the drowsy or inattentive state favours a regular beat of the cortical cells at a low frequency, whilst in the alert state there is a greater variety of response with higher frequencies, less tendency to fixed rhythms, and much greater dependence on afferent stimuli. /…/ If the eyes are open the [alpha] waves are rarely present because the visual scene usually claims the attention sufficiently. If they are closed the 10-per-second rhythm appears; an unexpected touch or sound will banish the rhythm momentarily and any mental activity involving concentrated attention will do so, but if the visual attention is not engaged, the waves are rarely absent for long in the majority of subjects.”

Lugedes neid lauseid ja piilludes kõrvale Laureysi ja Tononi toimetatud ja 2009. aasta märki kandvat kogumikteost teadvusprotsesside kohta, tekib tahes-tahtmata küsimus: kas me ikka oleme täna, enam kui kuuskümmend aastat pärast Lord Adriani teksti “the physical background of perception”, palju targemad?? kas me teame rohkem teadvusest, aju rütmidest ja nende omavahelisest seosest? teadvus on endiselt enigmaatiline ja ajurütmide virr-varris oli Adriani ajal vaat ehk rohkemgi selgust kui täna. suur OEH siia.

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