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Motivatsiooni kõigile tegijatele ja lugejatele

Sir Andrew Huxley, Nobeli laureaat, Cambridge’i neuroteaduste initsiatiivi avasõnades:

Perhaps the most difficult, and at the same time the most interesting problem in neuroscience, is the nature of consciousness and its relationship to physical events in the brain. Until a moderate number of years ago, this topic was avoided by neuroscientists, with the honourable exception of Sir John Eccles. He had been brought up as a Catholic and believed in the existence of a soul in each individual. In contrast, this has now become a fashionable topic, with several societies and journals devoted to it. It seems to me that this is the biggest problem facing neuroscience at the present time. Whoever solves it will have earned a place in the history of science comparable to that of Newton and Darwin.

Tehke ära, poisid ja tüdrukud =)

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  1. Mihkel
    oktoober 7, 2008, 9:38 p.l.

    Tõsi, mitmedki mõtlevad aju funktsioneerimise peale, lugesin täna õpikust sellise lõigu välja:
    “In the 50’s, John Von Neumann showed that a classical computer with noisy components can work reliably, by employing sufficient redundancy. He pointed out that, if necessary, we can compute each logic gate many times, and accept the majority result. (Von Neumann was especially interested in how his brain was able to function so well, in spite of the unreliability of neurons. He was pleased to explain why he was so smart.)”

  2. mihkelsvenuku
    oktoober 7, 2008, 10:28 p.l.

    Olen sel blogil silma pea hoidnud ja ootan huviga uusi postitusi. Andke aga pihta.
    Sisulist kommi praegu ei tee, berberid ja uni nõuavad oma.

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